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TesseractNet was established in July of 2016 with aspirations of becoming a network able to provide the ultimate experience for our worldwide consortium of clients. Ever since the beginning, TesseractNet had amazing potential and the staff have all contributed to the creation of the network in a vast amount of ways; something that is greatly enjoyed by our clients.

Although there are many other highly used networks, they don't provide the expertise, protection, connection speeds, reliability, and stability that TesseractNet provides everyday.

We urge users to use their own IRC clients to connect to our network, however if you don't wish to install a client on your system, a webirc version will be available on our website soon which will connect you to our network at the click of a button.

We pride ourselves in the quality of services we provide for our community and aim to keep the network operating at its full potential with constant updates to our servers and security, this enables a seamless connection to TesseractNet and a secure environment for our clients.