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Registering your nickname

Registering your nickname on TesseractNet is a simple process. Just follow these instructions:

  1. First, switch to the nickname you wish to register, and type this command: /msg NickServ REGISTER password email address - please make sure to specify a VALID email address, as you will be required to check it to complete your registration! In addition, your password cannot be the nickname and it cannot be less than 5 characters long.
  2. After you issue the REGISTER command, NickServ will send an email to the email address you supplied with the command, containing a confirmation code. You will need to copy that code and use it with the CONFIRM command: /msg NickServ CONFIRM confirmation code.
  3. Once you have entered the confirmation code with the NickServ CONFIRM command, your registration is now complete. You can now do things like request a vHost or register a channel. You may also wish to set various options for your nickname - type /msg NickServ help set to see the various options you can change.
  • Mibbit Users: Mibbit registration is a separate registration that has nothing to do with our NickServ registration process, it is a completely separate thing. Please remember that we are not affiliated with Mibbit in any way.


Once you have registered your nickname, you must identify to it each time you connect to TesseractNet, using NickServ's IDENTIFY command: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password - replace password with the password you used when you registered the nickname.

As an alternative, you may also set up a SSL client certificate to use to automatically identify to your nickname on connect - instructions on how to do that can be found by clicking here.

Nickname issues

Incorrect Email

If you gave an incorrect or inaccessible email address during your nickname registration, you can start the process over by issuing the command /msg NickServ DROP nickname, where nickname is the nick you are trying to register. Then, you can re-register your nickname using the steps above.

Lost/Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your NickServ password, please see Forgot your password? for instructions.

Nickname Expiration

Registered nicknames on TesseractNet expire 60 days after the last time the IDENTIFY command was used for it. You will need to identify to your nickname regularly to avoid this expiration.