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IVI is a channel administration bot on TesseractNet.

Say "Hi IVI"!

Type .help for a list of commands.

Note: This is sent through NOTICE, and can be laggy. You can alternatively type /msg IVI .help to have them sent to you through PM.


IVI is a derivative of Cloudbot, based on Python. The code is open source and has a large community of fans and contributors alike.


Below are commands listed alphabetically. This by no means a complete list. More will be added over time.

Most of these commands require parameters, denoted in:

< >

Remove these before executing commands.

Trigger Description
.8ball Ask the magic 8ball a question. Beware! You may not like the answer!
.about Gives information about CloudBot.
.aesthetic <string> Converts <string> to full width characters.
.amazon <query> Searches Amazon for <query>.
.antonym <word> Returns a list of antonyms for <word>.
.ask <text> Chat with Cleverbot.
.awesome <nick> Returns a link to show <nick> how awesome they are.
.band <artist> Displays information about <artist>.
.base64 <string> Encode <string> with base64.
.bdsm <user> Just a little bit of kinky fun.
.beats Gets the current time in .beats (Swatch Internet Time).
.beer <user> Gives beer to <user>.
bible <passage> Prints the specified passage from the Bible.
.birthday <user> Gives birthday cake to <user>.
.bite <user> Bites <user>.
.boobs <text> Everything is better with boobies!
.bookpun Suggests a pun of a book title/author.
.books <query> Searches Google Books for <query>.
.bottomten Prints the top 10 things with the lowest points in the channel. To see the bottom 10 items in all of the channels the bot sits in use .bottomten global.
.brainfuck <prog> Executes <prog> as Brainfuck code.
.brekkie <user> Gives brekkie to <user>.
.brew <query> Returns the first brewerydb search result for <query>.
.burger <user> Gives a tasty burger to <user>.
.cah <text> Submit text to be used as a CAH whitecard.

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