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HostServ is a service that allows users to hide their hostmask (i.e., with something creative (i.e., The nickname must be registered in order to request a vHost.


Request vHost

To request a vHost from HostServ, use the REQUEST command: /msg HostServ REQUEST - replacing "" with the custom vHost you want.

Using the REQUEST command sends it to TesseractNet Staff for manual approval. The vHost must meet the requirements described on the VHost page.

Turning your vHost on and off

Once TesseractNet Staff has approved your requested vHost, the system turns it on automatically for you. But if for some reason it does not, you can turn it on manually by typing /msg HostServ ON.

If, for some reason, you wish to turn your vHost off, you can do so by typing /msg HostServ OFF.

Grouping vHosts

To sync your CURRENT nickname's vHost to all nicknames in your group, you can type /msg HostServ GROUP. Before using this command, please be sure you are using the nickname whose vHost is to be set for all other nicknames grouped to it.