Duck Hunt

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Duck Hunt is a game served by IVI in our main channel, #Lobby, in which ducks randomly appear in the channel. IVI will display a randomly generated message, something like:

・゜゜・。。・ ​ ゜゜\_0<​ quac​k!.

It is then that users will have the option to type .bef to befriend the duck, or .bang to shoot it.

Duck Hunt scores are recorded per user, and you can access your score by typing .ducks.

If you are a channel operator and would like IVI to serve Duck Hunt in your room, first bring IVI into the room by typing /msg IVI .join #channel, where #channel is the name of your channel. The simply type .starthunt to begin the game.

Note: Ducks appear as a function of time and channel activity. If you see no ducks yet, just wait!

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