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Web Chats

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First, download mIRC. It’s free for 30 days, after that it will let you continue to use it, however the main page will stay on longer before the “Continue” button appears. Install mIRC by doing a full installation, enabling checking for updates is recommended.

Open mIRC. It will ask you to register - if you wish to buy the software you can do so. For now however, just press the "Continue" button to use the trial period.

You will now see a new dialog come up, the mIRC Options dialog. Enter a nickname and an alternative nickname here. The "Alternative" nickname is the nickname mIRC will use if your desired main nickname is in use already. Remember, IRC nicknames can only have ASCII characters and cannot contain spaces.

Next, in the "Name" field, you can enter anything you like - it does NOT have to be your real name!, IRC could care less what your real name is. Same goes with the email address field, it does not have to be real either. These two fields are simply used to help establish your connection with the IRC server, nothing more.

Next, we need to add the TesseractNet network information to mIRC. To do this, start by selecting "Servers" underneath "Connect" on the left, and clicking "Add".

This will pop up the "Add Server" dialog. Fill out these fields as follows: Description: Random Server IRC Server: Ports: +6698 Group: TesseractNet Leave the "Password" field blank, this is not needed to connect to TesseractNet. Once you have filled out all the information above, press the Add button to save it.

Now, we'll make sure mIRC connects to the TesseractNet server. Select "Servers" under "Connect" on the left side, and expand the TesseractNet folder. Click on "Random Server" as shown in the picture below, then click on "Select". Once you have done this, you'll automatically be taken back to the Connect page. Click the "Connect" button. mIRC will then connect to the TesseractNet server.

After your connection is fully established to the network, mIRC will pop up a dialog to allow you to join some channels. Click on the "Add" button on the right.

Channels will ALWAYS start with a '#' on TesseractNet, so when you're adding channels here you should make sure you include this in front of the channel name. For starters, we'll add the #Lobby channel. In the "Channel" field (in the Add Channel dialog), type in "#Lobby". Next, check the box next to 'Join on connect' - this will instruct mIRC to automatically join this channel every time you connect to TesseractNet, so that you don't have to type it each time.

Finally, click the "Add" button. Select 'TesseractNet' from the list that appears, then click OK. Then click OK again.

You should now be back at the "mIRC Favorites" dialog. Make sure #Lobby is selected in the list, then uncheck "Pop up favorites on connect" - this will cause this dialog to not be shown again on the next connect. Finally, press the "Join" button. You will then be joined to #Lobby.

Congratulations, you have completed the setup of mIRC for the TesseractNet IRC network!

Mobile Clients

Igloo IRC

Igloo is our preferred mobile IRC client, and it's simple to set up and use.

First, download. At the moment, it is only available for iOS devices.

Next, click the gear icon at the bottom of the screen, then select 'Add Network'.

Next, select 'Network Presets', then scroll untill you see 'TesseractNet'. Select it.


In the 'Name' field, you should see 'TesseractNet'. In the 'Host' field, you should see ''. In 'Port', 6698 (we use a non-standard SSL/TLS port). Make sure SSL/TLS is turned on. 'Accept Invalid Certificates' should be off. 'Password' should be blank. We do not require a password to connect to our network. 'Connect on Launch' is optional.


In the 'Nick' field, choose what nickname you want to use to connect. This can be almost anything. 'Ident' you can leave blank. In the 'Name' field, you can type anything. This is only used during a /whois event.


Here you can define what channels you would like to join. Our main channel is #Lobby, our Help channel is #Help. Seperate channels by comma (#Lobby, #Help, etc).

Connect Commands

Here you can define what commands you'd like to automatically perform when connecting. Generally, you would use this field to automatically identify with [Nickserv], but that is another topic.

After checking that all fields are correct, choose 'Save' at the top right of the screen. You will now be connected to TesseractNet automatically, joining the room #Lobby.

Have fun!

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