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BEFORE proceeding, please make sure you are registered and identified with NickServ! See Register your nickname for more info.

Registering your channel

In order to register a channel on TesseractNet, you must meet all of the following conditions:

  • You must be registered with and identified to NickServ.
  • You must have channel operator or above in the desired channel - you will be given channel operator status automatically if you join an empty, unregistered channel.
    • NOTE: If the channel has people idling in it, and the channel is NOT registered, you may only register it if NONE of the people in it have operator status. If this is the case then /join #help for assistance.
  • The channel must be unregistered - to check this, issue the command /msg ChanServ info #channel, replacing #channel with the channel you wish to check.

If you meet all these conditions, then you may register the channel using the command /msg ChanServ REGISTER #channel description.

  • #channel - the name of the channel you wish to register
  • description - a short description of your channel's purpose. This is not the channel's topic. The description you specify here will be seen when anyone uses the INFO command to view your channel's information, and can be changed at a later time.


Congratulations, your channel is now registered! You may now wish to review Channel Management to see what you can do with your channel.


You may also wish to request a BotServ bot sit in your channel. Type /msg BotServ BOTLIST to see which bots are available for assignment.

Then, once you have found a bot nick you like, assign it using the command /msg BotServ assign #channel botnick, where #channel is your channel name and botnick is the bot nickname you wish to assign.