SSL Certs certbot

We've just gotten CertBot and our ssl certs are working.

igloo IRC Network Presets igloo

The owner of igloo IRC has graciously added us to his Network Presets, enabling you to connect with us even easier!.

SSL Certs

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We have gotten our SSL Certs for both the website and the ircD.

This enable us to provide secure encryption on our website as well as our irc server.

We value our users privacy, and we want to provide a safe and secure environment in which to have fun and chat!

Join us using the irc client of your choice, or download Igloo IRC.

See you soon!

Igloo IRC Network Presets

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The owner and creator of the Igloo IRC app has graciously added us to his list of network presets.

This means that it's now even easier to connect with us!.

Simply download the igloo app on the App Store, click the settings icon at the bottom, click Add Network, Network Presets, scroll down to TesseractNet, select it and click Save!

We hope to see you soon!.