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The owner of igloo IRC has graciously added us to his Network Presets, enabling you to connect with us even easier!.

Welcome, New Users!

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DISCLAIMER: This site is a work in progress. Please bear with us.

Welcome to the TesseractNet IRC Network! Feel free to join us using the irc client of your choice, or download Igloo IRC.

TesseractNet originally got it's start in December of 2016. We grew and evetually we had 2 servers!. After a while and a few disagreements, things started to go downhill. After a while, the server was shutdown and the website lapsed.

Now, we are back and we will eventually be better than ever!. How's that for optimism?!. We have a few things to work on: Our wiki, our admin and contact/about us pages, and general site maintenance. Give us time! In the meantime, come hang out with us!

Connecting to TesseractNet.

This section will describe the various ways of connecting to TesseractNet.

While we recommend connecting with Igloo IRC (especially on iPhone), you can use these too.

Connect with: connect to IRC using IRCCloud IRCCloud | connect to IRC using KiwiIRC KiwiIRC | connect to IRC using your default IRC client Default IRC Client